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The Claim Enforcement

Our longtime experience reveals that outsourcing the enforcement work is economically of advantage for hotels. In detail, the following standpoints arise:

A statistical analysis reveals that approx. 70 % of all claims can be realized by an enforcement through an attorney (Source: Mewing, Remind, Sue, Enforce [Mahnen, Klagen, Vollstrecken], page 104). In these cases, the debtor has also to pay for the costs of the attorney’s services.

The costs for the claims which cannot be enforced are fiscally deductable. Moreover, an own treatment expenditure can be spared.

If a debtee employs own personnel, the treatment expenditure will not be calculatively recorded.

In case of a successful enforcement, the expenditure will not be reimbursed and is also not fiscally deductable.

From this it follows that claim enforcement by a specialized lawyer’s office is effective and cost-efficient.

By utilization of most modern technology (automated collection procedure by data medium exchange), we are able to provide our clients with a title enforceable by law on the fastest way.