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The Seminar Events

                                 For more than 10 years we have initiated and led industrial
                                    law seminars lasting one or several days.
                                      Knowledge is not only imparted by lectures, but the
                                     conveyance is supported by case studies of different extent.
                                     Within der framework of the teamwork and the discussion,
                                   the participants are given the opportunity to immediately apply
                                the knowledge learned. This combination of different learning
                             methods guarantees an effective conveyance of knowledge.

                          The participants are set in the position to take the respectively best
                     decision in a secure and fast way for the company.
                Alternative kinds to take action with their legal and commercial consequences are transparent for the person who decides.

Among others, we offer the following one-day seminar events:

Wir bieten unter anderem folgende Tagesseminarveranstaltungen an:
The basis of the industrial law for executive employees
Letter of caution, notice of termination, proceedings at the Employment Tribunal
Seminar about the law governing industrial relations for executive employees
-the possibilities and the limits of the factory committee work.
Industrial law measures to reduce continuing remuneration
Update seminar about industrial law

For your further information, we would like to send you our seminar concept " Decathlon concerning Industrial Law"